About organization

Non-governmental Society “Authors & Publishers” created as an alternative platform for uniting right holders into one SOCIETY.

The Non-governmental Society was chosen as the organizational form, because it is the only form that allows the participation of legal entities and individuals on equal terms in the implementation of collective management of copyright.

The law stipulates that only legal entities may establish such a Society.

This is really a new format of the organization, which has already agreed to be supported by the largest rights holders of Ukraine, the most effective specialists in collective management, as well as representatives of leading media groups.


The founders of the Society were companies that had not previously participated in the management of organizations, but were engaged in the creative activities of the following authors:
HC Masterskaya (Yuko, [O], Constantine), Injoy Media (Jamala, Loud), Recording Studio Luxen (Ruslana), Melomania (Boombox), Noty and Banknoty (Olga Polyakova, Jerry Heil), Bahato Vody (ZITKANI, Dao Park, Vakula & Friends).

Thus a new society was created with a clean history, from a scratch.

The first to join the society were:
Comp Music Publishing (Tartak, Mandry, Kozak System, as well as a representative of Universal Music Publishing Group), Best Music (Monatic, S.K.A.Y.), Supersymetria (Okean Elzy, Khrystyna Solovyi), Lavina Music Publishing (Gaitana, 5’nizza, Serhiy Babkin).

Representatives of these companies formed the first membership of the Board of Rightholders.

The Statute of the A&P provides for a balance between authors and rightholders in decision-making at the General Meeting and the Board of Rightholders.

The first authors, who were involved in the Society by the General Meeting, became the basis of the new membership of the Board of Rightholders, which included:
Yevhen Halych (O. Torvald), Ivan Dorn, Susana Jamaladinova (Jamala), Vadym Krasnooky (Mad Heads), Ruslana Lyzhychko, Oleksandr Ponomaryov, Yana Shemayeva (Jerry Heil);
and the quota of legal entities:
Bahato Vody, Best Music (representative of Warner Chappell without transfer of rights), Comp Music Publishing, Lavina Music Publishing, Melomania, Noty and Banknoty, Supersymetria.

The society has also already received management rights from companies such as:
World Music (representative of SONY-ATV, Kobalt, transferred rights to announcement), YUZAV (BOG DA NOVA MUYZKA, TNMK, MotorRolla, Julia Lord, KRUT), Condor Company.
And also from authors, among which:
Serhiy Prisyazhny (Motor’Rolla), Serhiy Martyniuk (Fiolet), Zlata Ognevich, David Axelrod .

Other associations of rightholders may be members of the Society. The board of rightholders provides the participation of user representatives to monitor the transparency of the organization.
The society is open to everyone, and at the same time is protected from the seizure of a fake majority.
Only rightholders whose catalogs are actively used in Ukraine and for which users pay accordingly may vote, but the larger rightholder will have an equal vote with the smaller one.
Those who do not reach the appropriate level can combine their performance indicators to ensure representation through a combination of different forms.